Fall Fly Fishing Tampa Bay
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Fall fishing has arrived in Tampa Bay! The Bay is becoming full of game fish gorging themselves before the coming of winter. The
tide is getting real low during the day and the waters are starting to become cool and clear. These are ideal conditions for sight
fishing our favorite species like redfish, snook and many more.

The redfish are starting to school up and can be found on the crystal clear sand and grass flats inside the bay. Standing on the
deck of a skiff with a fly rod and stalking a “slob” redfish in inches of water is what fall fly fishing is all about. Not to mention the
fantastic fly fishing opportunities we have for migratory fish like cobia, mackerel, and bonito! The possibility of a late season tarpon
is never out of the question either.

I would like to thank everyone who made it out on the skiff with me this tarpon season. The season had it’s fair share of bad
weather making for some challenging days on the water. But there was no shortage of fish to throw a fly at. We had some great
days with 5-6 fish going into the air each trip. I would say the average was 2 bites per trip and all but a handful of trips had fish
going air born. Just remember the more you tarpon fish, the better tarpon fisherman you become, and the more tarpon you will
hook. I thank everyone again for another memorable season. I hope to see you all again next year!

What’s happening right now? The fishing for bonito and mackerel has been off the charts! We’ve been getting between 6-16 bonito
on fly and light spin on every trip. The schools of mackerel and little tunny are blitzing all over the mouth of the bay. Mixed in with
these schools are small kingfish and a few tarpon. We are also getting into some nice redfish up to 30 inches in parts of the upper
bay and also in areas towards the south end of the bay. Evening trips are still a good option for small tarpon, redfish, and snook.

What’s to come in the next few months? Expect the fly fishing for redfish to continue to get better as we get more “blue bird” sky
days and super low tides. I will start my season fishing the areas around the Chassahowitzka wildlife refuge for redfish, black drum,
trout, and the occasional giant snook. There is nothing like poling the flats during a beautiful fall morning in the “Chaz”. It’s a true
piece of old Florida!

Fishing Tampa Bay from the south end to the upper sections of the bay will continue to get better as the weather gets cooler. We
can expect to find large schools of redfish cruising over sandy bottom and large singles in just inches of water. The snook fishing
can be fantastic. Snook will continue to feed heavily until the first major cold snap. Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail for the best
tides and times to go fishing.

August Fly Fishing Tampa Bay
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Fly fishing Tampa Bay is great even in August. By far the best way to beat the heat and catch a bunch of fish on fly was to go night
fishing. I like to start my trips around 9pm and go till 1 or 2am. But it all depends on the tide. Having good moving water is a must
when fly fishing at night.

We pulled on plenty of nice snook and small tarpon, and as many seatrout as one would want to catch this month. Sometimes the
snook or tarpon would eat the fly as soon as it hit the water. But most of the time a good clean fly presentation was required. When
it comes to fly selection, fish seem to key in on a certain size. We used small 1 1/2 to 2 inch bait fish patterns.

Tarpon are still available but have slimmed out. You can still get shots at fish if you put your time in. You might end up getting a few
shots at another species while you wait. I had David from Georgia on the boat with me last week. We saw a dozen tarpon and had a
few almosts. But the highlight of the day was when we found a group of 6 cobia on the back of a bull shark. After a few casts we
finally connected to a 30 inch cobia. After a photo we found the shark again. We only had a few more chances and the shark
headed out to sea. We both really wanted to hook the one cobia that looked about 40 pounds!

We’ve been getting into some groups of poons feeding on bait inside the bay. When we find area with some fish rolling we start
casting. Doa baitbusters and plugs seem to work best. But sink tip fly lines and bulky baitfish flies will get it done for a good fly
caster. Hope everyone can get out and wet a line!!!
Late Season Tarpon Fly Fishing Tampa Bay
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The Late season tarpon action on fly has been great the past few weeks! We’ve been getting a good amount of shots each day,
seeing between 20-50 fish. Most are singles and doubles, but I have seen a few larger groups between 8-15 fish. It is not the big
flows of tarpon we get during the main part of the season. But the fish we are getting now definitely eat better.

We can expect the tarpon to keep thinning out. They will clear the beaches will move into the bays to feed. There is no telling when
the season will be completely over. I am not planning on hanging up my 12wt rods any time soon. As long as you have the right
tides and the right weather, it is always worth a look.

The fishing after dark has been real hot right now. August is my favorite month for fly fishing when the sun goes down. The sea
trout are all over and you can catch as many as you want on fly. For someone new to fly fishing it’s a great way to learn and have
some action. I just can’t say it enough. For fly fisherman of any level, there are plenty of big snook, reds, and a few tarpon around
to catch after dark.

I had anglers Bob and Richard for an evening of fishing a week o so ago. Bob is from Pinellas and is a seasoned fly angler. His
friend and business partner Richard came all the way from China! Richard caught his first fish ever on fly. There were some big
snook around and It was too much fun watching him get excited just seeing the fish. The snook weren’t biting that good but Bob did
manage to land one and break of a biggin. I was a great trip that I myself enjoyed very much. Hope everyone can get on the water
and wet a line!
Fly Fishing for Tarpon by Day and Snook at Night
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Tarpon Fishing has been put on hold for a few days due to the crazy weather. We Managed a few days of tarpon fishing in between
the storms and blistering west winds. There are still plenty of poons around to through a fly at. We should have some good days on
the horizon. As soon as the weather clears and the winds lay down. The fish should be willing to eat, having not been pressured for
a while.

Night fly fishing for snook has been excellent. I have taken a few of my tarpon trips for evening sessions due to the foul weather
during the day. The Snook have been stacked on the lights along with some trout, reds, ladyfish, and a few small snapper. All the
fishing is in the intercoastal waterways. The fishing at night can be safe and we are never more than 100 feet from a dock or land.
Night fly fishing can provide great action for both novice and experienced fly anglers.
Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Tampa Bay
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There is no need to travel far from the waters around Tampa Bay to catch tarpon on fly. This past week has proven Tampa Bay’s
worthiness as a top tarpon fishing destination. We had poons going into the air on every trip! All the tarpon were sight fished on a
fly in crystal clear water. The season is off to a great start. Hopefully we’ll continue to be blessed with sun, clean water and hungry

The fish have been moving around a bit as of the past few days. We might find a large group of fish one day, only to have the
same spot void of fish the next. If you post up and be patient, you will get your shots. As we appoach the New moon next week, we
should start to see more and more fish. The better and bigger tides should get fish on the feed.

As for flies, go dark colors in low light, and bright colors with the high sun. Flies with good movement like toads or rabbit strip flies
will get the grab. Good fishing and have a safe weekend on the water!
Fly Fishing Redfish, Snook, and Tarpon
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Will this wind ever stop? The 20-30mph winds we’ve been having over the last few days has made fly fishing difficult. The forecast
for next week is calling for sunny skies with lighter winds. I hope it holds true!

Prior to these extreme winds, we’ve had some good days sight fishing redfish and snook. We landed a few nice redfish on fly and
threw at some big ‘ole snook. Fly anglers got into plenty of ladyfish, trout, and Jacks to keep them busy. Some of the jacks were
big.  We saw a school of jacks at first I thought was a dolphin pushing a wake. As it got closer I realized it was a tightly formed
school of 8 Jacks near 20#’s! The largest we caught on fly this past week was about 10#’s. Hooking a jack like that in skinny water
we give you a sizzling bonefish like run.

The last of the real low morning tides has past untill fall. We will be targeting redfish and snook closer to the mangrove shorlines.
Look for fish to be holding in potholes and around oyster bars. As the tides and seasons change, so do the flies and lures we use.
For flies I switch to bait fish imitations such as clousers, puglisi bait fish patterns, and bend backs. When using conventional gear I
use D.O.A Cals and top water plugs.

Tarpon season is just around the corner! On windy days like today, I am finishing up tying flies and leaders for the upcoming
season. Tarpon will be coming out of their winter slumps and looking to eat. Some fish have already been showing up. Not many,
but enough to say we have put a few fish in the air! Feel free to contact me for some good upcoming tide dates for this season.

thanks and good fishing!
Tampa Bay Fly Fishing for Redfish
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Fly fishing for redfish continues to be the thing to do on these winter low tides. Schools and single big fish are easy to spot with the
“blue bird” sky conditions. The fish were spooky on the calmer days, but seemed to bite better with a little breeze.

I fished this past week with a few clients and some friends. We had redfish all over the place on one calm and clear day of fishing,
just after a cold front. The fish spooked by everything. They would blast out from the skinny water, often before we could make a
cast. It was frustrating having so many fish around, and not getting chewed.

The Next day tuned out to be just the opposite. Nice size redfish were out in good numbers. We practically got right on top of them
with the skiff. A few redfish turned and ate flies that hit them on the tail. We put some nice fish, pushing 30 inches, in the boat that

Ironically the following day brought calm and clear conditions once again. We saw less fish and had some half ass attempts by reds
to eat the fly. As my friend Rusty says, ‘What a difference a day makes’. But it’s always nice just to enjoy a beautiful day on the
water, with my clients and friends.
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