Fly Fishing Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, Sarasota, Clearwater, Crystal River,
and Homosassa
Some of Florida's best Saltwater fly fishing !

Fly fishing has become a fast growing sport here
in warm sunny Florida. Join Captain Nick on the
front of his skiff for a custom catered fly fishing
trip. All levels of experience are welcome! Hands
on casting instruction is available on each charter
Bring along your personal gear or choose from a
wide selection of high quality fly fishing gear we
offer for daily use. Single, group, and corporate
fly fishing trips are available.

Florida is the true birthplace of saltwater fly fishing.
The Florida peninsula is surrounded by mile after
mile of flats, bays, rivers, and estuaries that teem
with game fish ready to take a fly. The variety of
fish is and fishing scenarios are endless.  Fly
fishing Tampa Bay is a prime example of what
Florida has to offer and represents everything the
saltwater sportsmen is looking for. Tampa,
St Petersburg, Sarasota, Clearwater, Anna Maria
and Homosassa are a few of the cities surrounding
the world class waters of Tampa Bay. These cities
help make up the three main fishing areas and launch
points around the Bay.
Fly fishing Tampa - St Pete  This is the heart of the bay area. Here the Mangrove shorelines are studded with the
city sky lines off in the distance. The area has a sandy bottom with areas of lush grass. During the Fall, Winter, and
spring seasons the water is clear and the sight fishing is excellent! Snook and redfish will stand out like a sore thumb
making for an easy target with a fly. Late winter, Spring, and Summer seasons is when the fly fishing for tarpon is
happening. The addiction sets in and we spend much of our time chasing "laid-up" tarpon and "traveling" tarpon with a

Fly fishing Sarasota - Anna Maria Island This area is made up small bays and coastal islands. It has some of the
clearest and most beautiful water around and fish love to be in it! Here we can fly fish the vast grass flats for a variety
of species like redfish, snook, seatrout, jacks, mackerel, cobia, and more. Redfish and snook are also found in and
around mangrove islands. Tossing a fly in the mangroves can be a fun and effective way to fly fish. Tarpon spread out
all over the flats, sand bars, and beaches during spring and summer. Don't miss out  on the awesome fly fishing for
tarpon this area has to offer!

Fly Fishing Homosassa, Cystal River - Big Bend Area This area is a true piece of  "Old Florida".The undeveloped
and unspoiled stretch of Florida coastline gives up world class saltwater fly fishing opportunities. In Spring giant tarpon
show up to this area and offer the fly fishing enthusiast a chance at a world record poon. The fall and winter months
offer some of the best sight fishing for redfish, trout and black drum you'll find.
Fish can be taken any number of ways on the fly, but sight fishing is what most saltwater fly fisherman live for; we offer
some of the best. Excellent sight fishing awaits you in many different places;  from the crystal clear water of Anna Maria
Island to stalking tails on the flats of Tampa Bay, you will have plenty of shots while on your fly fishing charter.  Sight
fishing with a fly can be compared to hunting with a bow and hand crafted arrow.  You stand on the deck of a skiff
stalking the fish,  carefully present your offering, and work the fly to draw a strike. When it all comes together, it's truly
a rewarding experience!  
A Brief History of Fly Fishing

The concept of attaching a clump of feathers to a hook in order to
fool a fish has been around since for over 1800 years.  A Greek
historian,Claudius Aelianus, was the first to record this method of
fishing back in 200A.D.  The concept has developed through time
into the modern art of fly fishing. We have come a long way since the
beginning and today fly anglers can be found standing aboard a
state of the art flats skiff, holding the latest high tech rod
and reel, yet the basic idea of tricking the fish into taking an artificial
fly remains the same.
Many species are available fly fishing Tampa Bay but
the fishing focuses around the Tarpon, Snook and
Redfish.  Tarpon can be targeted in the warmer
months and Snook and Redfish are found year
round.  We can tailor your fly fishing charter to focus
on whatever you would like.

There are a number of other ways to fly fish here as
well. However you want to fish, we can make it
happen. Whether you are a novice with a fly rod or
have been fishing for decades, we can create a day
on the water just for you. Give us a call today to find
out more information or book  a fly fishing guide.