Cedar Plank Redfish

      Cooking fish on a cedar plank is a great way to prepare any fish,
redfish is no exception. I like to take untreated cedar planks cut about an
inch larger than the fillet of fish on each side. I use planks around 1/4 to
1/2 an inch thick. You can purchase untreated cedar from the hardware
store. Make sure it is not treated! A lot if kitchen or restaurant supply
stores carry cedar planks as well.

      Rub the fillet with a olive oil, a little chile powder or cajun spice, and
a touch of salt. place the fish on the plank, and place the plank on a hot
grill. Now for a few tricks. Cover the plank with a bowl or a "hat" made
from aluminum foil. Also you have to check the fish from time to time to
make sure it is not on fire. I give the planks a shot of water I keep ready
in a squeeze bottle when the wood catches fire. Having the plank
covered really lets the smoke flavor permeate into the fish. Cook the fish
until it just flakes.
      I like to serve the fish with some hardy grits made with black pepper
and aged white cheddar.  enjoy